Children’s Parties

If you’re looking for a magician to keep the children quiet for a while you might consider hiring someone else.

Dennis the Magician will have the kids laughing, screaming and yelling with joy and excitement.  He’ll make them see red….blue,green,orange and more.

Dennis Thomas does a very interactive, colorful, laugh out loud magic show.  The guest of honor helps with the first routine and performs magic as a junior magician.  From there the children are asked to help create magic from their seats and volunteers are given the opportunity to come up in front and assist Dennis.  Don’t be surprised if mom or dad are asked to participate.

Finally, the guest of honor is transformed into a wizard and does the best magic of all by making a live Rabbit  magically appear.   (Shhh..Do not tell the children… it will ruin the surprise!)

If this sounds like the show you want for your party call or email Dennis Thomas now to reserve your date.