My Story

My name is Dennis Thomas and I’ve lived in East Windsor, NJ since 1995. Unlike most magicians, I didn’t get involved in magic until I was almost 30 years old and married with a young child. (Remember, you’re never too old to start a new hobby). I’ve always enjoyed watching magic but it wasn’t until I saw Doug Henning on Broadway in the ‘Magic Show’ that the magic bug bit me. I went to the library and read books on magic and about Houdini. I found a magic shop near my home in Brooklyn where I bought a few small magic effects and a book on card tricks.

As I read, and learned the secrets behind the magic, I discovered that the wonder and amazement that intrigued me was gone. I needed to find a way to make my interest in magic fun again. The answer…perform magic for others. It was in the eyes of the children that I rediscovered the fun and amazement that once held me captive. There is delight in seeing the smiles and wide-eyed astonishment as a child sees something appear, vanish or change color. To hear the laughter and screams of joy that erupt as a magic wand turns into a colorful streamer or a live rabbit appears from an empty box.

At some parties after the show ended and the children’s spirits were riding high, some wanted more. To continue the fun, I added the option of balloon sculptures. It extends the amusement long after I have left the party. Not to mention the memories I have created in the minds of my audience.

Do I enjoy magic? Yes. Do I enjoy performing magic? Yes. Do I enjoy seeing the joy I create in the minds, hearts and eyes of my audience? ABSOLUTELY.

My name is Dennis Thomas, I am a Magician & Balloon Sculptor and I LOVE MY WORK!